Katy's Page

     It's Katy here. I've just turned five. I came here when I was 7 weeks old, checked the place out and decided to stay. They tell me I'm a big grown-up adult dog now and should behave like one. I'm still the youngest, though, so I'm gonna stay the pack puppy for ever 'cos you get to do things the others won't even try. I mean, why lie on the floor when there's a space on the settee just for me and why let the humans get all the fun on that computer thing when I can have a go? I like to send E-mails to all my friends and admirers but the swivel chair can be awkward.  Have to get them to change that. They'll do just about anything for me 'cos I'm so cute and I'm a really good dog too. I love to follow them around everywhere and check out what's going on. Upstairs, downstairs, even in my lady's chamber! ( until I get sent packing )                             Hey, girls just wanna have fun !
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