Tess's Page

    I'm Tess. I'm twelve and I've been here forever --- a founder member of the Goldiehouse pack. I'm still the boss and have brought Katy up to be the  good dog she is now. I'm still working on Cally ! They say I'm getting on a bit but I can still show these young ones a thing or two. I love to go running in the park and have a good roll in the grass but my favourite is swimming. I'm the best and could do it for hours if they'd let me. I love to please the humans and always greet them with one of the toys in my mouth. I'm the bravest of the pack too. I have to lead the way and check out anything suspicious. The humans say I'm the best dog ever and didn't even need any training. I guess you've either got it or you haven't. I love food as much as the next Goldie but especially when we get some of the humans' dinner. I'm a bit of a culinary connoisseur with a penchant for French and Italian. I know when to slip through to the kitchen for a little bit of something special. Seniority has it's advantages !

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