Cally's Page

    I'm called Cally. I'm seven but I just joined the Goldiehouse pack a year or so ago. It's grrreat here --- there's people around all the time and I just love to jump all over them. I'm the smallest of the pack, though, so I'm very light and don't knock them over ! There's lots of toys to rip up and you get to go walks in the park and even holidays by the sea. I'm not as good as the others at swimming yet but I'm working on it. Although I'm the smallest, they say I'm the greediest and that I have to work on that too !  I'm full of energy and dart about all the time. After all, I have to keep alert in case there's a visitor coming to see me or there's some food on the go !  I love to play with other dogs all the time and Katy lets me but Tess is an old fogie and frowns at me, so I have to leave her alone. They say I've a lovely smile but that I shoudn't bare my teeth when I'm doing it ! I guess I can't help it -something to do with my undershot jaw.
Still, they really like me here, so I'm going to stay .
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