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'PEPPER'... 25 Jan 1977-3 August 1991

Pepper was our first dog, many many years ago. We hadn't really decided  what breed was for us but opted by chance on a Golden Retriever. She was an 'only dog' but had lots of 'human' friends to take her walks three or four times a day- she would even accompany the paper delivery boy to help him with the deliveries. And of course loved to swim for hours no matter how foul the water was !
She had many adventures like catching a rabbit and then wondering why it wouldn't play at chasing any more !
She saw the sea once from the top of a ten foot drop and decided to take the shortest way down to get to the water quicker….she could fly !
In her later years one of her back legs siezed up with arthritis but it certainly didn't stop her trotting around every day with her unique style of walking..
She loved being in the car and wouldn't leave it even when it was parked...she just sat there with the rear door open watching all her friends pass by.
She went to sleep on a warm summers day in 1991 aged fourteen and a half  and passed away peacefully.

Thanks, Pepper for  introducing us to the wonderful world of Golden Retrievers .