Our Local Friends in Scotland

The 'Blackdug' Pack of Cocker Spaniels consists of Rosie, Yoko and Jude,They are good friends of ours and often come to our parties to share our grub...and we do the same for them!!
They come on holiday with us to the sea-side sometimes but can't really swim very well. We'll try to teach them !

Holly, Heather and Baillie are three more of the 'non-blonde' friends we have ..but it's not their fault, it's all in the breeding !      Holly sometimes spends her Holly-days with us
They are another breed which was 'born' in Scotland - Gordon Setters.
Heather is going a bit lighter round the muzzle and maybe one day will become gold ?!

Our Friends around theWorld

Molly Brown, Merlynn and little Morgen in Arizona, USA
My how this pack has grown...when we started visiting them Molly was an 'only dog' ..but now since Merlynn and more recently Morgen have come along she has the spirited youngsters to look after and teach the 'Goldie' rules.
The have a great website which changes with the seasons.

Kellie and her mother Breeze, in Canberra ,Australia are following in the 'paw-prints' of one of the web's most noteworthy Golden Retrievers -'Bessie'  (see next page)
Kellie and Merlynn (above) are two of the coolest 'pups' around and I'm sure our Katy has exactly the same traits as described in Kellie's pages.
But then again I suppose all Goldies around the world are related too.
Read about all their wonderful swimming adventures with black swans and kayaks!

More Friends

Visit our Departed Friends